The recent CBS news story outlined that customer data stores on the hard disc drives of several multi-functional devices were compromised.  Of critical importance, is they want to know how to remove the customer data from their system before the equipment is returned to the vendor.

Please be aware of the following to PROTECT your DATA:
  • We provide comprehensive solutions to protect, restrict and track confidential data.
  • Not all multi-functional devices/copiers have hard disc drives.
  • Some multi-functional devices/copiers do not use the hard disc drive (HDD) for copying.  For those customers that use the HDD, the systems should have an “image over write feature” which destroys all images instantly.  This feature is generally built-in or can be added via a security kit.
  • In addition, most multi-functional devices or copiers include disk encryption which encrypts all stored image data with the state-of-the-art AES encryption algorithm.

Customers Returning a Multi-functional (Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax) Product:

  1. It is suggested to run an image over write procedure before returning the machine.
  2. Carr Business Systems offers a hard disc drive (HDD) removal service.  For a flat fee of $295.00, Carr Business Systems will remove the HDD from your equipment and return it to you, the customer, so you may dispose of it as you see fit.  Carr Business Systems will replace your old HDD with a new HDD and return it accordingly to the leasing company.
  3. Carr Business Systems offers an on-site removal service. This service includes removal and immediate surrendering of the HDD on-site.  A quote will be based on the number of devices, locations and labor.
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