Xerox Service Guides

How to check that the software is running

On the computer where program is installed:

  1. Go to the Start menu and select Programs
  2. Look for the program called “FM Audit Onsite”
    1. If the program is not there, it probably means that the program was uninstalled or deleted in error
    2. Refer to How to Reinstall Onsite Software
    3. If the program is there, please proceed to Step 3
  3. (If the program is there) Right-click on the “My Computer” icon and select “Manage”
  4. Double click on “Services and Applications,” then double click on “Services”
  5. Scroll down to where “FM Audit Onsite” should be (all services are listed alphabetically) and make sure that the status is “started”
    1. If the status is started, then you will require further troubleshooting
    2. If the status has stopped, please select “start”.

How to Reinstall Onsite Software

If the service is no longer installed on your computer, you may need to reinstall it.  Below are the instructions on how to reinstall the audit software. Once it is installed, please run a web audit to make sure all is fine.

  1. Log into your account by browsing to
  2. Scroll over “Accounts,” and then click on “View Accounts” on the dropdown
  3. Select your account.
  4. Click on FM Audit Onsite install button and follow the instructions

If you are unable to login, or you have forgotten your login information, you can contact our Remote Meter System Coordinator at (631) 501-6657 and she will assist you.

Ensure that your FMA Software will run automatically

It is important that your FMA software is set to run automatically.  In order to ensure that your account is set up to run automatically, you should:

  1. Go to the Start Menu
  2. Right Click on “My Computer”
  3. Select “Manage”
  4. Click on “Services & Applications” (located toward the right)
  5. Click on “Services” (located toward the right)
  6. Select the FMA software from the list, and make sure that it reads “Automatic” under the column “Startup Type” (you will have to scroll toward the right to check this)
  7. If the software is NOT listed as “Automatic”, you can right click over the highlighted FMA software information and then select “Properties”
  8. From there, you can select “Automatic”