Document Security

Documents carry critical business information. Failure to streamline and secure these can lead to lost productivity, legal liability, and financial ruin. Don’t let valuable business assets end up in the wrong hands!

CARR’s multi-sourced approach to ARM & PROTECT your data and your business:

Stage 1: Understand and Optimize Workflow – Managed Print Services

  • Identify – usage patterns, bottlenecks, and obsolete or under/over utilized resources
  • Simplify– improve processes and reinforce print policies
  • Reduce Energy – device consolidation and upgrade
  • Cut Costs– automate inventory replenishment and set rules to minimize usage

Stage 2: Centralize and Improve Visibly – Device/Document Management Solutions

  • Centralized management and reporting, web based administration, rules based routing
  • Print Tracking – detailed reporting, track usage , understand trends, and metrics
  • Web based application – eliminate print servers and deliver single integrated platform

Stage 3: Authenticate and Secure – Security Solutions

  • Protect confidential information
  • Control access and set limits – establish who can edit, copy, and print a document
  • Secure print release and digital signatures– print confidential material to any printer without risk
  • Print Archiving – trace and log sensitive documents that are printed
  • Digital Watermarks – ensure the document you share can’t be altered or misrepresented
  • User authentication before printing – implement print approvals to authorized users

Stage 4: Empower Productivity – Complete Control

  • Secure Document Scanning Solutions & OCR
  • Secure Mobile and Remote Solutions
  • Secure Electronic Forms, Faxing Solutions


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