Print Management

CARR can help you reduce your total printing costs by as much as 30% by managing your printer fleet!

Imagine that! Lower costs, increased productivity, fleet optimization.

What are your total printing costs? That number may be difficult to ascertain when taking into account:

  • Under/Over utilized devices
  • Network Drops
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Helpdesk Calls
  • Related Energy Costs
  • Carbon footprint (paper, toner)
  • Staff burdens
  • Inefficient processes

…that’s more time and costs than you may have realized were tied to your printing processes.


Free up budget for innovative projects that improve efficiency and foster a competitive advantage…join the Evolution of Managed Print!

Managed Print Services (MPS) will afford you visibility to your total cost of printing and control your print environment!

Through CARR’s 360 Assessment, which is based upon Lean Six Sigma methodologies, CARR can analyze and determine your technology sprawl, how your business prints and offer solutions to:

  • Improve employee-to-device ratios
  • Optimize the number and type of devices and supplies
  • Match printers to your business demands